Wednesday, March 3

Sexual Harassment??

i Have a LOT of free time recently… 

As u all know, I got 3 weeks MC due to AP Surgery (surgeons’ language! Grey’s anatomy..hehe)
So, I use the extra hours to observe people around me..
watching E!..Watching movies..
lots n lots of movies..n dramas too..
And one subject that obviously caught my attention is MEN..

they are genuinely unique and undeniably mysterious!

Men have come a loooong way since bashing women over the heads
n dragging them by the hair into the caves expressing “Me Like You!”…
They have since invented the wheel n airplanes..
built skyscrapers and put Syed Muzaffar on the friggin moon!
Oh..n they discovered condoms too.. =P

So..why is that 4 some men,
when it comes to showing their appreciation for US- the fairer sex,
years of evolution are tossed out of the very fibre of their seemingly civilized being????
Winking, cat-calling, wolf-whistling, chest-staring, undressing with the eyes
dissolute traits such as these seem to pop-out from nowhere
the moment WOMEN walk past.

Against all accepted forms of a civilized society,
 men turn into slobbering halfwits in their appreciation of women
and choose equally idiotic ways in expressing it!

You want to look at us? Fine..but a line has to be drawn somewhere, right?

Looking discreetly is fine..
even women look at ‘Hot’ men! 
So here’s what a figured out after lengthy observation..
There are several types of man, as there are several types of women; 
broken down to several types to look at and several types to leer at. 

The only tangible difference between ‘looking’ and ‘leering’ 
is the physical manner in which it is being exercised. 
Looking in admiration of a person’s beauty-- 
furtively n quietly— acceptable. 

Leering in admiration of a person’s anatomy--
palpably n luridly – UNACCEPTABLE!

Therein lies the interpretation of wats acceptable n wat’s not..
it really is difficult to decipher the level of acceptability, 
as this wud require a psychiatrist. 
For the everyday layman, however, 
 it is simple enough to think that it is linked to our psyche 
and how we were raised.

I believe the big question here wud simply be – 
How matured and responsible are we in our actions? 
as human beings with normal brains,
it shud be an insult that we have to be guarded by Penal Code, s.509 on sexual harassment. 
I think we shud be able to THINK clearly as to when it is fine to speak,
look or even touch and when it is not..

Thus, I believe that, as an adult,
we are each responsible for our thoughts,actions and reactions..
we really don’t want today’s marriage to be tomorrow’s divorce 
simply because wecudnt keep our visual scope from being VistaVision.
Becoz more often than not,  
where the eyes go, the hands wil typically follow… 

"i'm not upset that u lied to me..
i'm upset that from now on, i cant believe u anymore!" -anonymous-

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