Wednesday, June 15

hari pertama =)

eh! banyaknya habuk~
 berdebu haaaa!
sapelah tuan punya blog ni..lolx..

da habis blaja pon x sempat nk update ke? sebok sgt ke??
sebok la~
sebok tgk tv, main game, tido sampai muka tembam! heeeee....
bila cuti dah habis baru terhegeh2 nk update..

OK! kembali kepada title *sila pandang atas*

hari ini hari lapor diri di Bank..
aaaaa~ da tak boleh golek2 tgk TV?

pagi2 lagi dah bangun..selama cuti sejak 13th may haritu, bangun subuh then tidur balik smpi pukul 9..
but now? in ur dream sahaja lah cik suhana..

set jam pukul 5.30 pg, thank God terjaga!
thanks to my panic attack, i can barely sleep last night..wondering endlessly what wud happen today..
terus cari baju plg senang nak gosok! serious x kuasa nak melaram k!
iron baju --> shower --> dress up --> light breakfast --> off to work!

woo..head rush!
i'm an adult now..fully responsible of something other than myself..

the highlight of my day?

1. naik Komuter, after ages! jangan tanya kenapa i prefer komuter than driving..anybody who knows me knew that i LOVE driving to the max! but after 4 years driving to UM, i cant handle another day of bump-to-bump traffic! pls no! seronok naik KTM ni..i dont have problem with grabbing a seat..u see, Klang is on one end of the route and Bank Negara is on the other end, so i'll get a seat! no sweat! heeeee~ n i dont have 2 drive..i just sit n read whatever book i have in, i read Please don't make me go by John Fenton. 

2. i met new friends..nice bunch of people..

3. hey! dapat name tag BNM lah! hahaha no more pas pelawat ok!
muka sy mmg x fotogenik! aaaaaaaa..blh tuka gamba x encik?

4. i discover new things..great things..the fact that now i can share the health care benefits with my parents, is pretty awesome kan??! like i said, its awesome! there's like gazillion of new things i discovered today, n i have GOD to thank for all that.. alhamdulillah!


well, esok is just another day at work..
aaaa head rush! heeee..

Thursday, May 26

about my 4 years,,,

u thought 4 years will be long..
but its actually short..too short..

first year..belajar basic2 je..islamic law, tort, contract ,MLS n LM..
i can still remember how shocked we were after LM's exam..our spirit were crushed when the result came..
then we learnt criminal, consti, admin, family, land and Mooting..i stumbled for a while and it cost me another year of consti..
in the third year, we got tougher after PP..and we trained our brain to survive the dry chapters in land, equity n trust, juris, company and PIL..
after 3 years of practice, ingatkan sama je mcm tahun yg lain.. but CPC, CP, Evi, Drafting and Advocacy were different..but hey, waves and quakes will not stop us..

and here i am..after receiving the one n only good news i;m waiting for weeks..
i'm done with law school!

eh mcm tak percaya je!
mcm baru smalam ber-cheers kt ASTAR.
mcm baru smlm pakai hitam putih dan beratur depan seniors for law fac orientation..
serious mcm baru smlm!

tapi sbnrnya bkn smlm..
sbb dah 4 tahun..
ada air mata..
ada ketawa guling2..
ada masam2 muka..
ada gado2 manje..
dah banyak bnda jadi..

mesti rindu giler lah nk bangun2 pagi redah jem utk smpi kelas on time..
then siapkan tuto last minit sbb byk sgt kerja so kenas prioritize yg mana nk kna buat dulu..
rndu jugak nk lepak kt lib..ketawa serupa lib tu kita yang punya then tutup2 mulut sbb tersedar org dah pakat pandang sbb kita gelak mcm org giler!
pastu rndu jugak nnt nk makan kt cafe law fac keluar dr cafe' mbawa bau cafe yg sgt kurang enak smpikan kwn akan tanye "babe, ko baru balik dr cafe' ke?" lolx..
msti nnt rndu nk duduk dlm DK..subject yg xnantok ak duk klu yg dry giler tu, mmg ak nyorok kt blakang lah!hehehe..
byk lagi bnda klu nk tulis mmg kna buat dua tiga post..
4 years kot...

i'm really worried b4 dpt rsult td..mana tak nye...
1. for my very last paper, 4 batang pen yg ak bawak, smuanye TAK BOLEH KELUAR DAKWAT! mcm nak nanges buat CP...terpaksa gilir2 guna 4 batang pen tu..kejap2 pen ni..pastu dakwat tetiba hilang..guna yg lain pulak...apsl tah pen tu boikot ak..urgh! risau giler klu examiner x mo tanda sbb pen asik tuka2 kaler......
2.malam td mimpi failed one paper..tetiba harini dpt result plak..aih..mcm tuhan nk bg warning je kan? so that i'll prepare myself for watever that might happen.. 

but Alhamdulillah..He the Almighty lend me the happiness..insyaAllah, i will never forget to keep trying to be a better muslim..a muslim with LLB Hons. (Mal)...cayalah beb!!!

Tuesday, May 24

Krabi travel guide for Malaysian travelers..

planning to visit Krabi? well, i'm here to share my 2 cents on the tourist spot which has become so popular among malaysian travelers..

i went there last year..spent 6 days tanning myself..mmg hitam biler balik..hehehe..

Where to stay?
i stayed at Railay..well, for people yang nak pergi Krabi, u must ask urself, what are ur expectations?and what are ur plans in Krabi?
if u want a spot next to the beach, with long stretch of beach and u dont mind with minimum choice of foods..choose Railay..
but if u want a spot near to the Airport, near to good and cheap foods, near to shopping spot ang good massage places, well choose Aonang..
Railay is a nice place..very secluded..u can reach Railay only by boat..and from railay, u can just walk to the infamous Phra Nang Beach..ini tempat iklan pepsi yang Ronaldinho main bola tepi pantai tuuu..well, since tempat dia jauh n secluded..everything is expensive here..
well in Railay, ada two sides..known as railay east and west..i stayed at railay west..ada 3 resorts je kat west side of railay..take ur pick..i recommend Railay bay resort.. go for the privacy cottage..

What to do?
well, i think u know what Krabi (as well as other beach and island tourist spot) offers..DIVE or SNORKEL!
for divers, the view down there is great..but u'll find that some corals are dead..dont ask me why, coz i bet u know why..pollution, human activities and all the developments are bad for the corals..sbb tu for sipadan and ligitan, our govt dah limitkan amount of activities and development and no more people staying on sipadan, divers, if want better view, go for sipadan, ligitan, mabul or kapalai..if u're wondering, Malaysian water is still the best tau!

so, here's what i suggest u do in Krabi..
1. go for island hopping..
dont share ur longtail boat with other YOUR OWN boat..
y?snang if u want to spent more time at one place or skip one place..klu share, u've to consider other people's interest...remember, u want to enjoy ur holiday to the be selfish!

BEWARE of jellyfish! like i said, Krabi waters is not as good as our pristine there's a lot of jellyfish..the most dangerous is the red colour JF! very2 poisonous..ooh n for divers, there's a lot of snakes tooo near the dead careful ya!

2. emerald pool!
for those staying in Railay, u need 2 get a boat to aonang, then take a cab to emerald pool..i will take about 1 hour to reach the pool..its located in krabi nature park..

ok xperlu cakap banyak bout this place..just look at the color..arent u tempted to just dive in and swim for hours?
few warning yea..
please DO NOT use the 'nature trail'..sbb apa? well, titian kayu kat park ni sangat2 tak di jaga,,so ada yg reput..ada yang berlubang2..u might fall down! well, my mom jatuh dari titi yang runtuh..very2 disapointed sbb foreigners need to pay RM20..but dia x jaga tempat ni..thai ppl only need to pay RM3...teruk kan??but if u use the normal road, its faster n safer.. =) totally worth the money and PLEASE VISIT this pool..
pool ini those travelling with young children, take care of the lil' ones..
visit this place early-early-early in the morning,,after breakfast tros that u can enjoy the place for urself..once thai's school kids balik skolah, they'll conquer the pool..
finally, please take lots n lots of pictures..we dont have this in malaysia.. 

3. hot spring

this pic is not mine..waktu smpi sini, my cam da xde, no memory of this remarkable place! air panas dia suam2 n ada yg panas btol but still not harmful 2 ur delicate skin..the flow of this waterfall creates a from what i was told, air panas dah membentuk batu2 tu jadi mcm bath giler ok!
warning: licin, dont spend more than 30mins in the water ok! n drink a lot of water..take photo! we have hot stream in malaysia but we dont have hot waterfalls.. 

well, this is all i find intresting to share..y? coz, the beaches are not that good..go to tioman, redang, perhentian, sipadan, ligitan, mabul..u'll be amazed..but do what i suggested..spend 5 days in krabi..take ur time there..plan ur own holiday..its cheaper and smarter coz u'll not be constrained by schedule made by other ppl..only YOU know whats best for YOU.. enjoy!

if u wanna shop, go to chiangmai or bangkok..things in krabi (craft n clothing) are twice expensive..krabi is the place to rest n relax..

for muslim, i suggest u to go to krabi..y? easier to find Halal food..mosque..and muslims..
one bell boy in Railaybay even speak malay! so it feels just like home...

other place worth a visit?
a. Maya Bay
b. Phi Phi island

finally, my best shot in Krabi: 
phranang beach..ini signature shot of krabi tau! siapa pergi krab i wajib amik gamba cmni ok!

My brothers enjoying the view..n the sun..

our view during breakfast..waktu pagi, air tak pasang lagi...
waktu senja..lovely shades of purple and orange...

another shot of the long tail boat..

Tuesday, May 17

13th May..well, for Malaysian its the date of tragedy and sorrow..
well for my batch mates and i, 13 May have a whole different meaning now..
its the end of our 4 years journey..
yeah, its the last day of exam..

the exam, for me, was hard! real hard!
macam tak nak kasi pass je...haisho...
but i guess i did my best..but maybe my best will not be enough.. i dont know..
i'm waiting patiently for the result..
as for now, i'm too insecure to plan anything..
i dont even pack my books..
is my subconscious mind trying to tell me something?
is God trying to give me a hint?
i hope not..
i wanna be done with everything...
i dont wanna be sitting in the exam hall again..

maybe some of u think that i'm being silly..
but seriously dude,
UM Law is not easy..
its hard..super hard..
no exaggeration here..its the whole naked truth..

haa kecik je gamba ni..klu letak besa2 nnt bigger than blog for larger view eh!

now, i'm enjoying my time at home..
watching series..
watching TV..
sleeping late..
wake up late..
trying to get back in shape..i gained 3Kgs during study week..bila lah nak kurus ni........

Wednesday, February 16

countdown to exam! my awesome classmates, jangan view tau! hahaha..
tengok title je dah boleh agak apa content of this post, kan?
well, tgh selak2 planner..saje nak kira lagi bape hari nak exam..
penatlah kira secara manual saya pergi sini..and tadaaaa!

Daisypath Vacation tickers

haaa kat sini boleh tros kira & countdown lagi bape hari nak exam..wah..
semangat nye kau suhana!

bukan semangatlah!
nak beringat je..
nanti sebok fikir benda lain..
buat benda lain..sampai terlupa pulak kan lagi bape hari nak exam..

so kalau ikut kata countdown ni, ada lagi 2 bulan, 1 minggu & 5 hari b4 exam??
ok tak kelakar!
sangat tak kelakar....

ada lagi 2 asgmnts nak kna submit..
2 trial yang sangat berliku dan berduri!
hihihi* gelak mereng~

haaa kawan2..tgk lah puas2 countdown ni!

p/s: this will be, insyaallah, my last exam in UM..cant wait..but at the same time i'm very reluctant 2 leave the grounds of law's my battleground & my playground.. =(

Tuesday, February 15

Comelnya Berbaju Kurung

penatnye menaip..ada sape2 nak tolong type kan assignment tak??
saya upah 2ringgit eh?heee~

klik2 kat Dashboard Blogger baru tersedar yang my lovely roomate waktu kat PC tagged me for a contest! hehehehe..
thanks miemie!!!

1st time nih nak join contest blogger..hahahaha..excited la plak kan!

nama contest ni 'Comelnya Berbaju Kurung'..created by Siti Khadijah..

Kenapa perempuan pakai baju kurung tu comel?
bahahaha..tricky question nih..
well, a girl in her baju kurung sangatlah comel sebab baju kurung tak over-exposed on her figure..her body measurement and focus more on the GIRL..
so, secara tak langsung kecomelan akan terserlah..
ooh and i realize that when a girl wear baju kurung, she will look sweet, demure and CUTE in whatever she do..maybe sebab baju kurung ada kain and not nampak sgt sweeeet....
bila berjalan plak, sah-sah la tak boleh nak buat langkah besar-besar, kan?and bila duduk sah dah tak boleh bersila, kan? and tak boleh la nk lompat2 kan? haaa..automatically bila pakai baju kurung, jadi very girlish..muahahaha..
i know i'm rambling.. =p

ok, nah gamba saya berbaju kurung..hahahah amik! bukan saya sorg..ada lg 4 orang berbaju kurung..comel kan??
susah lah nak carik gambar je yg nampak dari atas sampi bawah..hehehe..i'm the one in the middle..muahahah

Pendapat ada tentang baju kurung?
boleh buat point form x?hahaha
1.baju kurung baju yang sopan..
2. boleh pilih material and corak yang kita suka..pastu tempah..senang!!
3. affordable..kalau nak dekat raya, RM100 bleh dapat 3 pasang! waaaaa...
4. boleh pakai bila2 pon..formal, x formal, weddings, funeral..i even wore it for bowling, once!
5. tak nampak gemok..hahah..sebb xde cutting..

itu je kot..

saya nak tag
-->nabilah jalal
-->atiqah izni
-->asmalina mokhtar
-->Mastura hani
-->Fatin Zahura

*these are the active blogger that i follow n they are my friends..hehehe..

Saturday, February 5

prejudice against legal profession

my parents are proud to have a daughter who study law. well, because they are my parents..obviously they will support me no matter what i do..but being a law student for almost 5 dreadful-yet-so-exciting world, i've noticed something..whenever i met people..relatives or an old friend, and when i told them that i study Law, some of them will say this kind of thing to me;

"ooh..iye ke..kerja macam peguam, hakim semua ni, sebelah kaki dah ada dalam neraka tau.."

or if they are trying to be subtle, they will say,

"nowadays dear, it's hard to survive being a lawyer, u know..
coz a lot of them cheat their way to the top.."

ooh whatever people...

and not only people i know..
in TV and movies i often heard characters said;

"aaahh lawyers..seasons changed but lawyers remain liars.."


"why do world need lawyers?! they only make things worst!"

and there's thousands of bad jokes about lawyers!

guess what, this is the first pic that came up when i googled 'lawyers'!! how awful!

OK i get it that some lawyers lose their ethics along the way..but seriously, dont talk to me about lawyers and ethic..i had firsthand experience breaching lawyers' code of ethic..lolx..
To a certain extend I do agree that there are some bad apples in the legal profession. But don't be surprised to know that many lawyers out there actually have good conscience, acceptable moral values and a nice heart too.

 I do want to explain that the idea of ethics, justice and fairness are subjective in nature. What is ethics? The ethics we humans profess would very much differ from each other and would depend on many factors.

When the european travellers first visited Asia, they were of the view that many things we Asians did were unethical and barbaric. Classic eg was seeing people eating using their hands. But today such impression no longer exist. Why? b'cos we learn how to appreciate and understand other cultures and ethics.

Most often than not, it is not the lawyers that should be blamed. Lawyers act on client's instructions. People come to lawyers because it is clients who has messed up things or are involved in a mess. lawyers are merely a gun to hire. The things that lawyers say and argue in court is not something that they pick up from the air. Mainly, it is due to what the client says and lawyers apply the existing law to the given facts.

Sometimes, personally lawyers even don't want to represent an alleged murderer or a rapist. But lawyers, under the existing Rules are required not to turn down any case unless they really not familiar with the area or unable to handle too many files. The reason behind this rule is that lawyers are tools to find out the truth. To ensure that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. To ensure that there is someone out there to represent even the worst person in the world. To create a check and balance in this judgmental world.

A lawyer's work is not easy!!

They give up alot of their social life just to make sure that things go right for their client. Lawyers will frequently tell you how they have not had enough sleep, how they will have to come to office during the weekends due to urgent request by client, how they miss spending time with their kids and family, how even when they are sick, they are unable to take MCs...etc.

Sometimes it makes some of them wonder why they do this.. becoz the amount of money billed on certain files may never compensate somethings in life. But lawyers do it for passion and the love for fairness and

so stop judging lawyers AND law students...we are not bad people..we don't torture ourselves for 5 years in law school to end up being a jerk..


i appreciate a good drama

yes, a good drama is entertaining..
i'm talking about my Favorite medical drama of all time..
tonight episode is one of the best..well considering that GA dah lama tak ada episode yang full with humor but at the same time make u scream ur heart out becoz of frustration towards certain character's action..

tonight show defines the classic GA..
meredith & derek problem at the beginning and at then they go all happy and smiley..hehehe
and Alex, isn't he the best or what??!
he's cool but restless..
he's smart in his own way..and what he said always inspire me or make me laugh out loud!

"no, that wasn't me..that's meredith talking..she's been saving my ass this whole day. i can't handle this trial. dude, ur wife is the only person twisted enough to handle this."

see what i was saying?! 
he's good!

haaa, another scene that made me crack was when Mark told Derek that Callie is pregnant with his baby..and he's kinda hoping that Derek can give some advice on how he should break the news to Lexie..with a stunned face, Derek said..

 " i don't get it..meredith and I have been trying for months to get pregnant but nothing happen. and you? you look at someone and suddenly a baby appears?"

ooh and the thing with Chief and Bailey today?
twitting in the O.R about the on going surgery she's having and the chief, being so old school, he can't except it..
the good thing is, instead of creating further disagreement and bickering between the two, the writer managed to transform that conflict into something VERY funny!!

and people, Christina is B.A.C.K!!totally..hehehe

remember when i said that the classic GA episode is when u can cry and laugh in the same hour?
well, today i'm so frustrated with this one character laaa..
y can't she just accept a baby! he's boyfriend wants a baby!!!!
and as usual, they break up..
well, being 23 now..i think i know y she don't want a's not even her's pon..

wow, i think i can be a reviewer! hahahah..
good or bad reviewer eh?

good night people..
thanks for reading..


Friday, February 4

it's never too late, kan?

first post for 2011!!
terlambat tak nak wish Happy New Year??
hahahha..maybe Happy Chinese new year?

busy sangat dari new year aritu sampai ke saat ini..
cuti mid-sem dah nak habis baru lah ada masa nak update belog ini..

apa yang berlaku sepanjang Januari 2011?

1. semester terakhir sebelum aku grad! hah, gembira betol ni..tapi, perjalanan sebelum Grad ni bukan senang. it's about the journey, not the destination. so i'm focusing on my journey as a final year student.
oh, korang tau kan yang uni kat Malaysia starting from next academic year akan mula dari sepember? haaa..pelik tapi benar..nak selarikan jadual dgn international uni they say..but whatever..
it's something new..
something that InsyaAllah i will not be experiencing..

2. oit! birthday aku korang lupa tak??haaaa..hehehe..

I'm officially 23..a bit old..tapi yang penting jiwa kena word to describe my birthday this year --> it's a BLAST! three surprises in one night. thanks my buddies, my Mr.Syafiq and my dearest friends for all the  surprises!

ada banyak sangat benda nak kongsi..
maybe dalam post2 lepas ni..sebab post yang ini saje je utk lepas rindu kt belog ini..hehe

jumpa nanti!
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