Tuesday, May 25

good news n bad news - they came in one package!

been under the weather for the past couple of days..

i have this one theory..
klu sakit gatal2, u can always grab minyak angin or the white cream that doc often prescribe.. n the itchiness will disappear..
kalau bengkak or lebam..leh gi urut tempat tu n sapu ubat..
kalau luka pon leh sapu ubat n tampal plaster..
my point is..u can see the wound, the swelling n bruises and the rashes.
BUT NOT when u have stomachache or a headache!

thats the bad news..
the good news?

i can now proceed to final year in UM law school!
thank you Allah Almighty..
my results are not excellent..
but i cant ask 4 more..

thank you Allah 4 giving me this..
thank you mama n ayah..i love u!
thank you encik syafiq..love u too!
thank you Bimpit..u babes, rocks!

Monday, May 3

pouty face? mmuuaaahhxx!

angel: kau buat apa ni supit?! g blaja PIL tuuuu..
supit: oooh kna blaja ke??
Devil: alaaaa..nnti je baca buku tu..update blog ni dolu..

hahahah..ak bukan mnurut kata syaitan yang direjam..cuma tgh ada klapangan n xde mood nak study PIL after paper company law yg sgt...unik td..ooh bkn saje unik, tetapi mendebarkan n adventurous! hahaha

i found this..on the net..
while viewing Hate page on Facebook..
mcm2 bnda rupanya manusia bnci..

pouty face?
ke duck face??

then i type "stupid pouty face" in Google..
kua plak yahoo.anwser..

"Why do girls make that silly pouty face in pictures?"

Seriously, girls, if you are trying to be sexy just SMILE. Even if you have ugly teeth. EVERY SINGLE GUY I've ever talked to says he hates when girls pout. It looks so dumb and obvious that you want bigger lips.

Aren't you aware of how silly you look?

gez wats the top voted answer is..

"that's the exact same thing i'm always wondering. I can't stand it when they do that, it looks so stupid, and it makes them look ugly if you ask me, a cute smile would do thank you. it's so annoying in fact, when i see pictures like that i'm like "OMG why is she doing that" it makes them look like some long lip creature."

oooh horror sgt..hahhaha
"long lip creature??"

cpt2 ak cek gamba aku kt FB..hahaha mana tau ada gak gamba2 aksi terlampau dgn bibir ala2 seksi tu kan..
no comment sbnrnya..
tp ada betol gak apa yg aku baca kt byk2 tmpt psl muka comel pouty lips nii..
kdg2 huduh bebeno le teman nengok nye..

korg igt korg comel mcm ni ke??

ke korg feeling2 cute cam ni??

ke korg rasa korg seksi mcm ni??

xmo da aku buat muka camni..
pasni snyum biasa2 sudah..
senyum ikut sunnah nabi..
senyum tu kan sedekah..

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