Tuesday, May 25

good news n bad news - they came in one package!

been under the weather for the past couple of days..

i have this one theory..
klu sakit gatal2, u can always grab minyak angin or the white cream that doc often prescribe.. n the itchiness will disappear..
kalau bengkak or lebam..leh gi urut tempat tu n sapu ubat..
kalau luka pon leh sapu ubat n tampal plaster..
my point is..u can see the wound, the swelling n bruises and the rashes.
BUT NOT when u have stomachache or a headache!

thats the bad news..
the good news?

i can now proceed to final year in UM law school!
thank you Allah Almighty..
my results are not excellent..
but i cant ask 4 more..

thank you Allah 4 giving me this..
thank you mama n ayah..i love u!
thank you encik syafiq..love u too!
thank you Bimpit..u babes, rocks!

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