Tuesday, May 17

13th May..well, for Malaysian its the date of tragedy and sorrow..
well for my batch mates and i, 13 May have a whole different meaning now..
its the end of our 4 years journey..
yeah, its the last day of exam..

the exam, for me, was hard! real hard!
macam tak nak kasi pass je...haisho...
but i guess i did my best..but maybe my best will not be enough.. i dont know..
i'm waiting patiently for the result..
as for now, i'm too insecure to plan anything..
i dont even pack my books..
is my subconscious mind trying to tell me something?
is God trying to give me a hint?
i hope not..
i wanna be done with everything...
i dont wanna be sitting in the exam hall again..

maybe some of u think that i'm being silly..
but seriously dude,
UM Law is not easy..
its hard..super hard..
no exaggeration here..its the whole naked truth..

haa kecik je gamba ni..klu letak besa2 nnt bigger than blog border..click for larger view eh!

now, i'm enjoying my time at home..
watching series..
watching TV..
sleeping late..
wake up late..
trying to get back in shape..i gained 3Kgs during study week..bila lah nak kurus ni........


duniaku said...

terbaiklah!!dh abis!

mynameisfahmi said...

tido je keje ko ek cuti2 ni hahah!

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