Thursday, September 10

Grey's Anatomy:Promo

I'm a BIG fan of Grey's Anatomy
when i say BIG..i mean VERY2 BIG
ok i,m excited..
below are two promos for the 2 hours season premiere on sept 24
for us in Malaysia, on the 25th go n check
can't wait!

first promo

p/s: I love George. He's always been one of my favorite characters. I was fine though..until NOW. Seeing Callie cry, it just hit me. No more George. No more of his beautiful smile. No more of his funny expressions n his sweetness..Losing George is just so hard. 

 second promo

p/s: For some weird reason this makes my stomach all fluterry and nervous and sick all at the same time. I love the song in the background. I also noticed after watching it after a few times to figure everything out that, that is Mark who looks to be chasing after Lexie. Can't wait only 15 days to go!

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