Saturday, September 12

newmoon trailer countdown

this is especially for my beloved Wani... and to all my twi-hard frenz...
ak silap rupanye..tarikh kua trailer baru tu is 13th sept *VMA event*
so ak share the countdown with u guys..sama2 r kite tggu trailer baru ni...
by the way,
here are few spoilers on the infamous coming trailer...

Whereas the first full "New Moon" trailer showed the Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella break-up, this trailer focuses on what comes after. There are shots of Bella's motorcycle crash, with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) asking her what she was thinking and Jessica asking her if she is an adrenaline junkie now.

We see a lot more of Bella's cliff jump (and a totally awesome vision of Edward in the water) and of Jacob trying to comfort her.

We also see Alice (Ashley Greene) explaining to Bella about how Edward thinks shes dead there are some pretty extensive clips showing Italy and Bella's run to Edward, as well as Alice's sexy yellow Porsche.

Visually, "New Moon" is about 10 steps up from "Twilight." There are some quick flashes of Laurent with his brand-spankin' new red contacts and shots of the Sam and the other werewolves before and after their transformations.

The end of the trailer showed some epic fights going on with the Volturi, and we get to hear Bella's token line, "No Edward, dont!"

But hands down the best part of the trailer is its final moment, when Dakota Fanning walks toward the screen and states, "This may hurt just a little."
sabar eh tggu new moon...hehehe

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the nOt sO-perfect me said...

orait su, thanx!!!
xsaba2 nk tgk trailer tu!!!

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