Friday, December 11


should i be worried?
now that i'm crawling instead of running or even walking..
should i be worried?
dat the time is almost here..
should i be worried?
when the fact is that i might not make it..

i always have this dream..
of me being a successful lady in my chosen field..
i always though this IS my field..

what should i do?
when i finally realise that this is NOT the field i wanna be playing in..
there's another field..
more like a big meadows i think..
that field is where i wanna be in..
but i'm stuck here..

what should i do?
my conscience says "keep on playing in the field u're already in.."
coz according to my conscience,
"there must be a reason why god sends u there..."

o yeah~
that's my conscience trying to be soO0 positive..
but really..
my heart do think the same..
i'm a muslim..
i need 2 believe in Qada' n Qadar..

i can't use that reason 2 justify my current situation of crawling instead of running/walking..

 i have a strong will

strong passion
strong mind..
so i will suvive this dark-horrifying-mystical field!!


Anonymous said...

xbest r bhse ingeris..huhuhuhu...jadi mlas nk bce:)

sUhanA said...

haha..2 r an..nnt org wat lg 1 version..bhs melayu nk bahasa isyarat??

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