Friday, July 9

from a man..about men..

by now, some people might already planted in their mind the idea that i am one hell of a sexist. well, erase  that silly thoughts off your mind coz i'm not a sexist... hehehe..
i just think that differences, arguments and issues between man and woman are great topics. my writings yang paling banyak dapat komen, adalah bila aku cakap tentang lelaki dan itu buktikan teori aku yang topik mcm ni mmg boleh jual!

look at these numbers,
apa pandangan korang?

25% of all men are unstable
25% of all men can't be faithful
30% of them don't mean what they say
and 10% of the remainin' 20 is gay

15% of all men got a complex
15% of all men dont practice safe sex

20% of them are from homes without a father

so there's a 50/50 chance that you'll marry a coward

ni actually lirik lagu by Lyfe Jennings...
menarik kan?
try dengar...
memang sangat menarik..
i chose a video yang memang tayang lirik..sebab malas aku nak gi search lirik..hehehe

my personal comment,
i dont think that the man population are that bad.
do u think they are as bad as the statistic portrays?



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