Tuesday, June 29

Do It Yourself!

well..i always wanted a skin for my beloved laptop..
but, i cant seem to find the perfect skin for miss lappy..
corak yang ada kat kedai tu too common and serabut...
kalau ada yg simple pon, tak berbalaoi dgn harga!

so i did some googling (is this even a word??)..and found a way to create my own custom-made personalise laptop skin..

this is how miss lappy looks before the make-over..

and after sheer determintion, hardwork and creativity,
miss lappy now have a new look!

comel kannnnnnn!
nak tunggu korang puji memang lambat lagi laaa kan..hehe

the cost?

self-adhesive plastic - RM 1.50 (1/2 metre)
gift wrapper - RM 1.00
double sided tape (nipis) - RM 1.50

yang lain2 tu, such as gam and gunting memang dah ada kat rumah..
gambar-gambar tu aku amik kat back dated Cleo mags..
then i printed out the 'Supit's'

so total semuanya ---> not more than RM10.00!!! well it can get as low as RM 3 if guna old mags and do your own collage!

the step:

  1. make sure laptop surface tu tak ada habuk or berminyak or berair..
  2. then ukur..make sure ukuran tepat..tak nak nanti dia terkeluar-keluar..neat!
  3. potong plastik ikut ukuran..and tampalkan kat surface..
  4. now that you have the base, start with cutting the wrapper and decorate it..tips- potong wrapper 0.5 cm lebih kecil dari size plastik..
  5. lepas dah siap decorate, tampalkan wrapper pada surface guna double sided tape.
  6. gunting lagi satu helai plastik and tampalkan kat atas wrapper yang dah dilekatkan tu..
  7. kemas2 kan sikit and SIAP!!

wait for my next D.I.Y project..

i need to change the bed sheet, sweep the floor and mop!


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