Saturday, February 5

i appreciate a good drama

yes, a good drama is entertaining..
i'm talking about my Favorite medical drama of all time..
tonight episode is one of the best..well considering that GA dah lama tak ada episode yang full with humor but at the same time make u scream ur heart out becoz of frustration towards certain character's action..

tonight show defines the classic GA..
meredith & derek problem at the beginning and at then they go all happy and smiley..hehehe
and Alex, isn't he the best or what??!
he's cool but restless..
he's smart in his own way..and what he said always inspire me or make me laugh out loud!

"no, that wasn't me..that's meredith talking..she's been saving my ass this whole day. i can't handle this trial. dude, ur wife is the only person twisted enough to handle this."

see what i was saying?! 
he's good!

haaa, another scene that made me crack was when Mark told Derek that Callie is pregnant with his baby..and he's kinda hoping that Derek can give some advice on how he should break the news to Lexie..with a stunned face, Derek said..

 " i don't get it..meredith and I have been trying for months to get pregnant but nothing happen. and you? you look at someone and suddenly a baby appears?"

ooh and the thing with Chief and Bailey today?
twitting in the O.R about the on going surgery she's having and the chief, being so old school, he can't except it..
the good thing is, instead of creating further disagreement and bickering between the two, the writer managed to transform that conflict into something VERY funny!!

and people, Christina is B.A.C.K!!totally..hehehe

remember when i said that the classic GA episode is when u can cry and laugh in the same hour?
well, today i'm so frustrated with this one character laaa..
y can't she just accept a baby! he's boyfriend wants a baby!!!!
and as usual, they break up..
well, being 23 now..i think i know y she don't want a's not even her's pon..

wow, i think i can be a reviewer! hahahah..
good or bad reviewer eh?

good night people..
thanks for reading..


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