Saturday, February 5

prejudice against legal profession

my parents are proud to have a daughter who study law. well, because they are my parents..obviously they will support me no matter what i do..but being a law student for almost 5 dreadful-yet-so-exciting world, i've noticed something..whenever i met people..relatives or an old friend, and when i told them that i study Law, some of them will say this kind of thing to me;

"ooh..iye ke..kerja macam peguam, hakim semua ni, sebelah kaki dah ada dalam neraka tau.."

or if they are trying to be subtle, they will say,

"nowadays dear, it's hard to survive being a lawyer, u know..
coz a lot of them cheat their way to the top.."

ooh whatever people...

and not only people i know..
in TV and movies i often heard characters said;

"aaahh lawyers..seasons changed but lawyers remain liars.."


"why do world need lawyers?! they only make things worst!"

and there's thousands of bad jokes about lawyers!

guess what, this is the first pic that came up when i googled 'lawyers'!! how awful!

OK i get it that some lawyers lose their ethics along the way..but seriously, dont talk to me about lawyers and ethic..i had firsthand experience breaching lawyers' code of ethic..lolx..
To a certain extend I do agree that there are some bad apples in the legal profession. But don't be surprised to know that many lawyers out there actually have good conscience, acceptable moral values and a nice heart too.

 I do want to explain that the idea of ethics, justice and fairness are subjective in nature. What is ethics? The ethics we humans profess would very much differ from each other and would depend on many factors.

When the european travellers first visited Asia, they were of the view that many things we Asians did were unethical and barbaric. Classic eg was seeing people eating using their hands. But today such impression no longer exist. Why? b'cos we learn how to appreciate and understand other cultures and ethics.

Most often than not, it is not the lawyers that should be blamed. Lawyers act on client's instructions. People come to lawyers because it is clients who has messed up things or are involved in a mess. lawyers are merely a gun to hire. The things that lawyers say and argue in court is not something that they pick up from the air. Mainly, it is due to what the client says and lawyers apply the existing law to the given facts.

Sometimes, personally lawyers even don't want to represent an alleged murderer or a rapist. But lawyers, under the existing Rules are required not to turn down any case unless they really not familiar with the area or unable to handle too many files. The reason behind this rule is that lawyers are tools to find out the truth. To ensure that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. To ensure that there is someone out there to represent even the worst person in the world. To create a check and balance in this judgmental world.

A lawyer's work is not easy!!

They give up alot of their social life just to make sure that things go right for their client. Lawyers will frequently tell you how they have not had enough sleep, how they will have to come to office during the weekends due to urgent request by client, how they miss spending time with their kids and family, how even when they are sick, they are unable to take MCs...etc.

Sometimes it makes some of them wonder why they do this.. becoz the amount of money billed on certain files may never compensate somethings in life. But lawyers do it for passion and the love for fairness and

so stop judging lawyers AND law students...we are not bad people..we don't torture ourselves for 5 years in law school to end up being a jerk..



Nathalia said...

be a great lawyer babe!
no matter what people say to u aye! :)

Suhana said...

thanks bell!!
hehe..i probably will not be a lawyer..
scholar-bound..but i wish i can be, just 4 a lil while.. =)

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