Wednesday, May 20

a poem n candid pics..

All my life I had built up a fantasy of the perfect man.
Countless romance stories and fables
helped make that fantasy a reality in my mind.
Searching for that fantasy lead to many disappointments.
Reality made it clear that there was no such man.
And as the years went by,
the fantasy started
to fade away
until I met you.

I had almost given up on the fantasy

my fantasy became reality,
that reality became

ak tgh dare u get into my brain n mess with it..
hehehe..mesti dia marah gila ak post gamba candid nih kt sini..

for those who r looking 4 love..dont push it too will come when u least expect it 2..
for those who gave up on love means u gave up on life..
no one shud give up on life..coz the almighty is a great match maker..u need 2 have faith on Him..
for those who r in love..dont squeeze it 2 hard..dont held it 2 firm..n love will always b yours..

tgh bosan berjiwang skejap..


seribu satu kenangan said...

wah!!mcm knal je gmbar kat atas tue..hahhaha:D

Anonymous said...


me.d.loner said...

hahahaha...itu gamba org yg khusyuk blaja smpi gigit jari..hihi

Nathalia said...


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