Sunday, May 10

is this the beginning??

blur skejap...its been so long since i last wrote something(other than law stuff).. nothing much 4 the beginning..juz a few rules..*giggle*

1.i dont ask u 2 dont bitch 'bout it..
2.if u do read..dont give me harsh comments..plz..i had enough of those..
3.i wud love 2 share n 2 lets the sharing n learning begin..hehe


4. typo error, grammar error, censored error..ignore it..lalala..


lil bit bout me..

i'm dark n twisted a loner with frens..i learn law..but practice none..
im suhana..

welcome 2 The Twisted Mind of Mine...


Zahra said...

hai akak;)

ima ni, kwn izni;)

nathalia said...

bru start blogging gk kew??
sme r kte..
busyan seyh~

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