Monday, May 11

facing my fear!

pagi tol ak bgn hari ni..nk g amik mama..pastu nk jd driver mama 4 a day...ooh n goin 2 UM n go check my crim law result..lalalala...baik tau sdiri dr org len btau..aaaaaaaa..takot! i screw the exam like icant expect somtin gud 2 happen..klukna repeat cmne??repeat??the six letter word i fear the most..the six letter word that will make my life extra dark n even more twisted..hahahaha..ok now im having mixed reaction..n im hyperventilating...

thats not the only fear 4 2day..mama nk blk, rumah x kemas lg..hahaha..1st flor da mcm tongkang yg dah pecah n hampir karam..haha..n LAUNDRY..i havent done my laundry..adoi..instead of ranting, babling n complaining i shud go n do d laundry..NOW! lalalala..jap lg la..hehehe...dont get me wrong k..ak xde la mls sgt tp bila da on laptop, mmg susa r nk gerak buat keje..hehe but im not a neat freak u can expect my room 2 look normal..not a clinic n not a dumpster..haha..jap. im supposed 2 talk/write bout my mom n my fear of her running amock bila tgk rmh semak..hahahaha...ok my mom is soo extremely fussy..she's sooo neat n tidy n RAJIN n she do the house chores perfectly..i can never reach her more like my dad..slow n easy...

ok..another warming!! can u please friggin tell me when this HEAT WAVE is gonna stop..panas tol..kul 7 da panas mcm pukul 12..time kul 12 mmg da panas gila laa kan mcm kt gurun sahara..ive never been there actually..haha..but i gez mcm tu r agaknye panas kt sana..ok snap back..panas r skrg..korang r ni kan..tebang pokok suka2 ati..takot tol ble pk nnt ais sume cair pastu ada big flood..n its obviously is kiamat..n im not ready 4 korang yg ada otoriti tu, stop la tebang pokok utk develop project2 ngarut..xyah nk bukak byk2 shopping mall, xyah nk bina rumah byk2..sbb byk da rumah kt msia ni yg terbengkalai..siapkan apa yg patut..xyah tebang pokok la..eee...

okeh..nk kena siap!



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