Friday, July 3

TIME is Running OuT!!!

serius! bnda pertama yg ak nak masukkan dlm birthday wishlist ak is Time Travelling Device! waaa..nk cuti lagi..mase mule2 cuti dulu boring bile cuti da nak abis ni mule r rasa mcm cuti 2 x cukop..maybe im getting used 2 the Boringness..heheheh.. sem baru da nk masuk..n i dont noe whtr im ready or not..

realtity gonna b a 3rd yr law student in TWO days! alamak..being a grown up is tough enough..n now a 3rd yr law student in the most toturing law school in the universe??? no word can describe the horror n madness...hahahahaha..cara aku describe, mcm ngeri sgt kan?? actually mmg ngeri.. jusz imagine r..ak ada 4 subjek 6jam kredit..6??masa kt mrsm dulu pon plg byk 6??adohai..pastu ada 2 elektif?? dah r nk rebut2 elektif ni susa...jap2..yg 6 jam kredit tu plak kna kumpul smpi setahun baru exam..adeh...dah r subjek yg sgt dry n mundane..xsuka2..equity??juris?? public company?? fuhh.. makin bertambah r power spek ak camni..

am i ready?? gud question... n i only have 1 beautiful not..but im juz gonna dive n swim 2 the shore..i need 2 stay breathing n alive..oooh..sometimes it really sucks to be the optimist n laid back Aquarius!! i need 2 panic now..coz panicking is wat normal people do in situation like this...its not that panicking is good n recommended BUT not getting all panicky or even nervous is abnormal..kan?? oooh now im questioning my inner im not human..i have 2 admit...i pretend 2 b nervous...coz all my friends were like "omg..we're 3rd yrs..nervousnye.." soooo not normal...

but one thing for sure..i miss my frens lots n lots n lots..i miss communicating with another human being..i miss socializing...i miss the so-hectic-yet-so-happy atmosphere...i miss my faculty...i kinda miss the smell of the old law reports...the chillness of the library..hahahha..

time is running less than 48 hours, im gonna dive in the world of horror n excitement..duhh so contradicting!!hahaha..

gonna update later..

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