Friday, June 25


it's there..but i cant touch it..
i can see it..but i cant feel it..
i can sense it..but i cant have it..

1 word.


Josiah G. Holland once said that, the most precious possession 
that ever comes to a man in this world 
is a woman's heart...

i wonder why a man so successful like Josiah said that..
then, i realise something..

when a guy have a woman's heart,
he have someone to love him,
someone to look after him,
someone to support him,
someone to calm him..
someone to tell him that it's OK to fail cause she'll be with him no matter what..
someone to cook his favorite food,
someone to iron his shirt,
someone to help him shop,
someone to be the mother of his child,
someone who would be his lifetime companion..


there's a woman behind every successful man..

so, man population,
are you aware of this?

hope it's not to late for you to grab the woman you love,
and say 'Thank You for being there'..

cause from what i've heard,

don't ever make a girl cry a river for you..
cause that river,
will turn into an ocean,
that will drown you..
and worst - the Tsunami she create,
will bury you deep down the earth core!

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