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NEWMOON spoilers

firstly..i want to mention the purpose of this post..hehehehe..
this is like the lil pieces of a very big puzzle that all twi-hard fans are trying to solve...well most of my friends are twi-hard this is for them..n me too..heheh..

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Don't read on if you don't want to hear what changes and surprises are in store for the movie!
So Life & Style reveals a few spoilers for the upcoming and intensely anticipated New Moon, and it seems there will be some vast differences between the book and the film.
Apparently, Bella takes a more daredevil approach in the film, pushing fate in order to make Edward appear to her.
Filmmakers couldn't resist Robert Pattinson's draw, and instead of coming to Bell as a disembodied voice, he appears like an apparition…or like Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. To which Pattinson expresses some concern, saying, "I really wanted it to be a complete absence. It’s easier to give it more power at the end if I’m completely absent."
There's also an action-packed scene wherein Laurent fights back against the werewolves who destroy him in the book.
Additionally, in the book Edward says he will turn Bella into a vampire only if they marry. In the movie, however, he offers a different ultimatum.
How will the Twilighters react? That's almost more exciting than the movie!

COMMENT: I'm not really for Edward being in the movie much, because while reading the book, Bella is very depressed and you feel her pain. I even shed tears while reading the book. I think it is important to the movie that we get to feel her pain, just like we did in the book.

BUT I like the idea of him showing up when she does dangerous things. Because while reading the book when he would "speak" to her, I would imagine his face and him being there to talk her out of it. So seeing it in the movie, was just how i was picturing it in my head.

Either way, I will love the movie. I'm a fan no matter what.

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Read on only if you are ready to know more...

  • Edward is in the New Moon movie more than he is in the New Moon book
  • In the New Moon movie, Bella will have a nightmare that actor Robert Pattinson says will shock people
  • The New Moon sequel will be darker than the original Twilight movie
  • Jacob will be a lot beefier than he was in Twilight - actor Taylor Lautner put on 30 lbs of muscle for New Moon!

COMMENT: I'm curious as to what is the night mare that will shock people...hmmm..uhuh..sexier jacob!! tergugat perasaan thadap edward yg kurus kering tu..hahaha

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As if Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner sitting next to each other in the same place wasn't enough, Twilight devotees went absolutely crazy when not one but two new clips from New Moon were debuted at Comic-Con yesterday.
Before you watch them, you should be aware of two things:
  • Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are both shirtless. This may make it difficult to focus on anything else for the rest of the weekend.
  • While the first clip certainly hints at a Bella and Jacob romance, the second clip illustrates her undying love for Edward Cullen, as well.
  • The video quality is not great, and the screaming 'tween girls having nervous breakdowns makes some of the audio hard to decipher.
Follow the jump for two exclusive clips from New Moon ...
link yg dia bg bising sbb ada fans ak carik yg sama but a bit clear..nk lagi clear tggu movie ok!
ni yg second..sesape yg x suka jacob+bella, byk2 besabar eh..hehehehe..
COMMENT: sabar je lah tggu movie! hehehehe..
disclaimer notice -
These clips belongs to summit entertainment, the director, the actors and anybody else who participated i this film.

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jgn r bg edward muncul byk ngat..

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