Monday, November 15

i am much obliged..

oho..i cant believe that my last real post was on July a.k.a my first day as a final yr law student..
da lama sgt x bebel2 kt blog ni!!

now, the 1st half of my final chapter is almost coming to an end..WOW!
cepatnya masa berlari..

there's too much thing i wish i can do..
also too much thing i wish i NEVER know.....

too much memory i don't have time to create..
also too much memory i wish NEVER exist..but it there must be a reason.
.i dont wanna argue on that..

ooh, u know what's the most recent memory i created?
well.. my Advocacy buddies and i..
we stumble, smile, fall, rise, laugh, cry, pissed off and pleased..
we just had our 1st day of trial..
well basically we pretend that we are lawyers..we were given a set of facts & evidence..
so we need to improvise, get creative and argue our case..ooh & we get to play roles..
sounds soooo cool kan?
it IS..
well..part of it IS cool..
but mostly it's exhaustive & it took away a lot of thing from us.. include that thing...u know... 

today, i played the role of the senior counsel 4 the witness was the Investigation Officer..ooh but i didn't ask anything 4 cross-exam..coz i got nothing to ask..coz my objections on the tendering of the 1st two docs were sustained!! yeay!

well tomorrow is the day, people!
i need 2 cross-exam this witness named Baha..

wish me luck..


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