Sunday, November 21

i grew up with them..

seriously, the memories are still vivid in my mind!
how i wud stay up late every tuesday..
curled up in my blanket..
all lights were off..
and the theme song sounds something like..

"i dont wanna wait..for our life to be over..

i'm a bad singer.

i'm easily addicted to TV series..
and in the 90's,
i'm addicted to Dawson's Creek..
u know..the one with Joey Potter..
she doesn't have anything to do with Harry Potter though..

wait, let me show u some pictures..
let see if u can remember.. u remember kan???

i met a friend..
a childhood fren..
the one i shared my dawson's creek obsession with..
miss beeha.. ^_^

the funny thing is that,
after nearly 10yrs tak jumpa,
soalan 1st yg dia tanya was..
"who did Joey end up with??"
me: "u seriously have no idea ke babe?"
beeha: "u r the only one i know who wud stick with the show until it tell me, who's the guy?"
me: "it's pacey,baby!"


 this is one of my favorite scene..
they were talking about a bracelet that Joey wore that night..
i think the dialogue was something like..
J: "it was my mom's"
P: "i know..u told me,six month ago.."
P:"yeah, i remember..i remember everything.."

hmm..this one was after they had summer sailing vacation together..
my favorite lines in the entire series was when Joey finally realise that she was in love with Pacey..
and she try to stop him b4 he went sailing on his boat..
J: pacey, i think i'm in love with u..
P: u think, or u know?
J: i know.

and this one,
J: "pace, y are we here?wat r we doing here? y are we standing like this.."
and then they kiss..

i'm glad that they end up as an item..

ok..i need to go back to Remedies..
till then..

"you know you love someone,when u can spend the entire night,
just sitting by the fire and watching them sleep.."


supikgf said...

terbalik dengan aku...
no 1 maybe dekat2 sama2, tapi aku kekadang pas subuh baru tido, kul 7 terus bangun g exam (nampak sangat malm tu baru nak pulun segala)

no 2 aku tak minum kopi! tapi nafsu makan bertambah2

no 3 time2 nak exam la, idea blogging aku melimpah ruahhhh


Suhana said...

hahaha..ja reply kt salah post nih..hahaha..
ni ak ckp psl dawson's creek..=p

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