Thursday, November 25


this one is gonna be super short..really!

TOP 3 abnormalities in MY life during exam weeks

1. my sleep schedule is all messed up. i normally wake up at 6.30 and sleep as early as 10 and the latest at 12.
 but in exam season - i wake up at 6 and sleep at 3! ooh, and there's no nap?!! infringement of human rights!

2. i drink coffee..normally i don't do's effective to abstain me from sleeping but the morning after, i will be miserable! BUT in exam weeks, adrenalin makes morning after coffee seems 'normal'.. yeah right! the point is, i drink too much coffee and my pee smell like one!! gross n awful n...unique?

3. during exam weeks, my Blog SHORT!

till then.

my 1st paper = Remedies.
date = technically today (Thursday)
venue = exam building

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